COVID-19.. UN in Egypt working around the clock to support government response

The campaign showcases a multi-faceted response by the entire UN system in the country.


Being an integral part of the Egyptian social fabric, the UN agencies and entities in Egypt continue to do their work in support of the government’s efforts in response to the COVID-19 situation that made it imperative to change their tactics, including working remotely.


Reflecting their continuing commitment and responsibility, the UN in Egypt has launched a social media campaign to highlight the coordinated, critical work being done around the clock by different UN entities towards a more efficient response to COVID-19. 


The campaign showcases a multi-faceted response by the entire UN system in the country. That includes efforts to enhance the healthcare and social protection systems, ensuring the continued learning for all children in light of the closure of schools, making sure that refugees, asylum-seekers and other vulnerable communities are taken into account in national response plans. 


Furthermore, given the growing concerns that women will be severely affected by crisis, the campaign underscores the UN system in Egypt’s efforts towards ensuring that gender perspective is properly addressed in the country’s COVID-19 response plans.


Echoing the United Nations Secretary-General’s call to support the World Health Organization (WHO) which has been leading the multilateral response since the beginning of the crisis, UN agencies in Egypt are also using their digital platforms to amplify messages by the UN health agency, and counter widespread misinformation around coronavirus. 



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