The United Nations Resident Coordinator in Egypt

“Preserving our environment guide UN’s COVID response and recovery programmes”


“Preserving our environment guide UN’s COVID response and recovery programmes”



The United Nations chose 5 June to be the World Environment Day to stress the importance of our environment, nature and planet for all people globally. It is an opportunity to raise awareness of decision makers and communities about environmental challenges and related threats that goes beyond nations and generations.


This year, we are witnessing one of the most severe global crises that is affecting everyone around the world. COVID-19 is not just a pandemic that hit the health sector, but its consequences reached out to all aspects of our lives including the environmental sectors. The impact of the measures undertaken to mitigate the risks of the pandemic had dual effect on environment. The mandatory usage of facial masks, gloves and hand sanitizers resulted in generation of a massive amount of medical wastes in the environment.  On the other hand, the gas emissions are getting lower since the suspension of flights and transport systems.



Cristina Albertin (The United Nations Resident Coordinator in Egypt ad interim) stated that “The United Nations in Egypt is strongly committed to supporting Egypt in overcoming the challenges resulted from COVID-19 by putting the environmental sustainability and natural resource management among the priorities of its response and recovery plans.” The core of these priorities is supporting national efforts to manage Egypt’s natural resources, mitigate environmental hazards and foster a greener economy and society. It is time to further position environment preservation and sustainable development as an engine for growth. It generates opportunities in areas such as agriculture, waste management, renewable energy, hence improving the lives of people.


Each one can play an active role in protecting the nature and biodiversity which will also result in protecting us against pandemics.

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